Mark and company,

We wanted to thank you for a job well done. We could not be more pleased with the outcome. Your professionalism and ability to meet deadlines was superior. We can’t thank you enough.

Joe and BrendaMarco’s PizzaPort Charlotte

We just want you to know how much we “love” the job you did for us on extending our balcony. We have had so many compliments. Not only was the job great, so was “Scott”, no mess to clean up after! See you for the 2nd round. You are highly recommended by us.


Dear Mark,

We would be remiss, if we did not share with you our delightful satisfaction with the new addition to our home. When first meeting you, and after viewing your website, we were thrilled that you agreed to construct our storage area. We just thought our little project would be too unimportant for you to agree to do. Well we were wrong.

Throughout the entire project, you treated us like we were building a mansion on the Gulf of Mexico. Everything you told us from the beginning to the end of the project was right on target. Your employees were respectful to our property and were mindful of our “yappy” dogs that visited them in the yard daily.

We cannot thank you enough for your professionalism and your commitment to construction craftsmanship.

Steve and Lee Lyons

Dear Mr Teixeira,

I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with the office improvements your firm recently completed. Your timeliness in completing the office on schedule made planning our move much less stressful. Your staff and subcontractors have done an excellent job. We are thankful for your professional service. Feel free to use this letter as a positive recommendation from me.


Peter T Van Buskirk, P.E., AICPOffice ManagerKimley-Horn and Associates, Inc

Dear Mark,
Well the hurricane season of 2004 is almost over. We drive through our community, Charlotte County, and see the damage that was caused by the hurricanes of 2004. Hurricane Charley devastated our community. It will take years to rebuild and repair the damage. We left our home on the morning of the Sept. 13th when Charley headed straight toward us. We did not have time to board up our home. We turned as we walked out and said goodbye to our life’s treasures and our dream home. We fully expected to come home to total devastation with only the clothes we wore. I cried as we left with the knowledge that all we had worked for would be gone.

You can imagine how shocked and elated we were when one of our neighbors who had stayed called us that night to tell us our home had survived, unscathed!

We want to thank you for building one “hell-of-a” house! Our neighbors now call our home “The Fortress”. When Hurricane Charley roared into Charlotte County almost all of our neighbors suffered damage. We say almost because one of our neighbors has a home built by Teixeira Construction. Their home came through unharmed also. Our home stands unharmed by Charley’s category 5 winds and our possessions safe. Unbelievable! We did experience trees down or bent. But the home you built us came through without a “scratch”. Every tile, gutter, window, soffit in perfect condition. On Saturday morning we returned to the horrific devastation in Charlotte County. Our home became a refuge for friends and family whose homes were damaged. We stood in our great room discussing what a terrific job you did and turned to see you standing there. You had come to see how we had come through. That was great because you could see firsthand how elated we were and we were able to thank you for building a home that surpassed our wildest.

Tim and Linda Killinger

Dear Mark:

While it is still fresh on my mind, I just want to take a minute and write you a letter expressing my appreciation for a job “well done”.

From my office perspective, it was a grand success. The project was brought in on time, on budget and, as it was very evident yesterday, everyone was very happy. As always, when working with you and your company, I appreciate your “can do” attitude and the overall company philosophy that you can make things happen. Once again, congratulations on a job well done. I look forward to working with you again on future projects.


Thomas A Huff,Ala, President.

Mark Teixeira built a home for my wife and I. During the course of construction he was forthright, honest and fair. He conducted the work in a very workmanlike manner. Although I had architectural supervision, we never had a problem that needed their intervention. I attribute a great deal of this to the fact that Mark understood what he was doing and did it well.

My experience, as you can see, was a good one and if I had another project of equal dignity I would look forward to having Mark do the work.

Earl Drayton Farr, Jr.

Mark and his entire crew prosecuted the work diligently, timely and on budget. As with any construction project, unforeseen circumstances or difficulties arose on occasion. When they did, however, Mark and his crew handled the efficiently, professionally and always to our satisfaction.

I would give my highest recommendation for Teixeira Construction in any job that Mark believes he is qualified to build.

Jack O. Hackett II

Mark Teixeira has completed several projects for the Sarasota opera House and the City of Sarasota for which our firm was the architect. These projects have been very difficult renovation projects within occupied buildings.

We have been very pleased with Mark and his firm. They are exceptional craftsmen, pleasant to work with, dependable and conscientious- qualities all too often uncommon in today’s market. Mark is able to provide accurate cost estimates of the proposed work and to then complete the work without additional cost requests. He is always willing to adjust the work to fit the owner’s needs and schedule.

I give Teixeira Construction our highest recommendation. We would be delighted to work with them again.

Stuart H.BargerBarger & Dean Architects, Inc

Dear Mark,

One of the most pleasant relationships in the renovation of the Deane Allyn Pavilion has been working with you personally and your company. The results speak for themselves as one views the Opera Complex. The quality of your work; your professionalism in every aspect; your understanding the needs and restrictions of a non-profit organization and your commendable attitude that nothing is impossible are the qualities you brought to the role each day.

The deductive change order in the amount of $3,200.00 volunteered by Teixeira Construction is unheard of in the industry and deeply appreciated by me personally as well as the Sarasota Opera House. Thank you for making this experience so memorable.


-Deane C.Allyn, Executive DirectorSarasota Opera House