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Mark Teixeira built a home for my wife and I. During the course of construction he was forthright, honest and fair. He conducted the work in a very workmanlike manner. Although I had architectural supervision, we never had a problem that needed their intervention. I attribute a great deal of this to the fact that Mark understood what he was doing and did it well. My experience, as you can see, was a good one and if I had another project of equal dignity I would look forward to having Mark do… Read more
Earl Drayton Farr, Jr.

Who We Are

Mark Teixeira, President of Teixeira Construction, Inc and voted North Port’s 2007 Citizen of the Year has been a contractor in Sarasota and Charlotte County for over 20 years, specializing in Commercial and Custom Residential Construction.

Teixeira Construction, Inc is committed to providing the highest level of Construction Services in Southwest Florida. We will continue to only hire local, established, subcontractors that are the top leaders in the Construction Industry.

Our success in Commercial and Residential Construction is attributed to a very simple business philosophy – Teixeira Construction, Inc consistently provides the best possible construction service with highly qualified people at competitive pricing. We pride ourselves in providing high quality construction, with personalized service. Our list of repeat clients speaks for our work.

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Mark Teixeira named Citizen of The Year 2007

Mark Teixeria wanted to help.

When the North Port builder heard that more than 190 future homeowners were left with nothing after several contractors inside the city folded, Teixeira picked up the phone and called the North Port Building Department.

Because of his sacrifice, Teixeira was recently named North Ports 2007 Citizen of the Year. “Everyone kind of stepped up a little bit here,” said Teixeira, who has been building high-end homes and commercial buildings for 15 years in Southwest Florida. “All of my subcontractors, suppliers stepped up and helped. It’s a joint venture of everyone trying to help. Several homes throughout this 103-square-mile City were left unfinished when several builders started folding in 2006 following a downturn in the house market. Families were suddenly abandoned with new homes in various stages of construction,” said Plans Division Manager Bud Korte.

Builders are in the business for profit and (Teixeria) chose to do this without any money, Korte said. He’s an outstanding man. Teixeira, a Massachusetts native, moved his contractor business to Charlotte County in 1988. In 1996, Teixeria moved his family to North Port Estates. “When my wife and I were going to build our house, we were thinking about our kids,” Teixeria said. You never know who your neighbors are going to be. We wanted to have some land where my kids could be kids. Teixerias commercial buildings have included the Lakeside Plantation clubhouse and Paradise Dental. In the last two years, he’s built between 25 and 30 homes.

Teixeira said he is concerned about the building industry getting a bad reputation because so many companies folded. “The saddest part about the whole thing is that building industry itself has taken a big hit,” Teixeira said. “In reality, 98 percent of the builders are good, legit businessmen. Its just a small percentage that are the bad apples.” A year later, Teixeira has placed six families in their homes. The families were charged only the cost to finish the construction; Teixeira forfeited any profit for himself.